Thermal springs in the middle of nowhere

In the middle of mountains and forests are hidden treasures - the thermal streams, natural Spa

At the beginnig of this little adventure I had to promise that I will never say where the secret place is, just the photoes I could show to the people.

These streams are in the middle of nowhere. You have to go with the car at least two hours from the nearest village to the deep forest. The jeep is must, the way up is very dangerous. When it is rainy nobody can go there because of the falling stones and possibility of the land-swings. 

The way is muddy and very close to the cliff so you need to have a very good driver. 

The main stream is divided to few smaller which every single one of them flow to the digged holes. They are protected by shelters so even in the taff winter there is no cold inside.

The water contains sulphur (yes, smelly nice) and iron. This water is amazing for every skin and bone diseases. 

I was after operation and even my doctor told me that it healed very quickly even faster that he expected.

Just shephards and cows you can meet in here. The last time I was very surprised because few older people moved there and they stayed. The father of the family was seriously ill and now he is very ok.

In the gallery you can find photoes from this amazing trip. Sorry that I can not put many, I am just on the roof of the house because the signal in the mountains is very bad.

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